Wednesday, October 19, 2011

grandma shoots a gun

Yea.  My mom shot a gun for the first time, EVER, when she was out here.  Actually, she shot four different guns.  My dad shot a gun for the first time since he was in the army.  He's still got it.

Travis was so excited to take my parents to the range.  He was giddy.  Like a kid on Christmas Eve.  That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much.  Boys and guns.  What's the deal?

Anyways, one morning, we spent a few hours at the range.
We shot guns.
We took pictures of us shooting guns.
Good times.
Memories made.

my parents.  dad posing sternly.

this would have been way cuter if I took out my ear plugs.

me, showing my mom how to hold, aim, and shoot a gun.  note her expression.

mom's turn.  yikes.

he's a natural.

safety first!

check out that tongue!

me and Dad, shooting zombies.

"get some!  get some!!!"  (Sean, if you happen to be reading this, that's for you ;)


this picture CRACKS ME UP

look out.  that's my mom with an AK-47.

iphone family picture


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