Monday, November 28, 2011

new shoes

Since Callan was born, we've struggled to keep his feet covered.  He pulls of socks, he yanks off shoes.  Now that he's quite the able walker, it was time to find just the right pair of shoes to protect his little feet outside and in public - not to mention to keep his feet warm this winter.  So, I started researching shoes for baby boys.  I know Robeez and Pedipeds are popular, and both come recommended, but I had to do my own research, and find out if there were any other options out there that would suit us.

Long story short, I settled on Rileyroos.  They are reasonably priced, adorable, and most importantly, stay on Callan's feet!  

Not long after UPS delivered the shoes today, I had them unpackaged and on Callan's feet.  I had to encourage him to walk in them at first, but after a few steps he was off on his own, not even minding that he wasn't barefoot.

Of course I followed him around the house for 10 minutes with my camera.

 Rileyroos - money well spent!  (Thank goodness!)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Callan's first trip to the zoo

On Thursday, we headed down to OKC with Travis' parents to take Callan to the Oklahoma City zoo.  Ideally, we would have taken him ON his birthday, but Tuesday was quite the rainy, overcast day - so we held out until the weather improved.  Thursday couldn't have been more beautiful; it was sunny, with a light breeze.  Truly, a picture-perfect Fall day.  And the Fall foliage throughout the zoo was breathtaking.  I couldn't inhale enough - there's just something about the smell of a crisp Fall day.  Ya know? it.

Anyways, I was pretty excited to add another first to the list for our little guy. 

One of our first stops at the zoo, was the "children's zoo" area.  We walked through a bird sanctuary where I got dive-bombed, almost pooped on, and where Travis made a new friend.  These talkative little birds were incredibly social.

The children's area had lots of little tunnels and climbing walls and ropes.  This kid has no fear.

Travis and Callan climbed a rope ladder, crossed a rope bridge, and took a ride down the slide.

Callan taking a swing on a rope just outside the little monkey exhibit.

There were lots of bronze animal statues throughout the zoo...we stopped and took a picture at quite a few of them.
They just scream "photo-op".

How cute are my boys.

The majority of our pictures were of us enjoying the zoo - not of the actual animals.  Hmm.  Maybe next time we'll snap a few more of the exhibits.  In this shot, Travis and Callan were watching the momma tiger and her 4 cubs.  They were way cute.

While watching the tigers, Callan climbed up on this log by himself...
I guess that extra 4 inches, or so, gave him a better vantage point.  ;)

As you can see, this statue was massive.  It kinda weirded me out...but how adorable does my boy look, all chillin' in the gorilla's arms.

The elephant exhibit was newly re-opened.  It was stunning.  Seriously.  And the baby elephant was too cute.
She was born in July and weighed 304 lbs. at birth.

The first time we walked by the lion exhibit, the lionesses were up on the hill, soaking in the sun.  Later in the day, we walked by to find them posing on the rocks for other visitors.  We had to stop and say hi.  (And snap a picture.)

After we stopped for a later than usual lunch, Callan was ready for a snooze.  I snuggled him as we walked - he was out in no time.
I <3 my sweet boy.  We explored the rest of the zoo while Callan caught some zzz's.

The zoo was absolutely beautiful.  We can't wait to go back.  Next time, we'll pack a lunch and settle into this lovely picnic area, nestled amongst the trees in the middle of the zoo.

The zoo is so full of Fall this time of year - it really was breathtaking.  I might have taken more pictures of foliage than I did of the animals.  What can I say?  I missed my favorite part of Fall while living in California for 6 years.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Callan's first birthday party

Yesterday was beautiful.  It was a picture perfect Fall day.  Great day for a party.

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather and snapped a few photos in the yard of our almost 1 year old!

he loved climbing in and out of the flower beds

Callan took a few spins around the driveway in his new John Deere wagon from his (CA) grandma and grandpa.
He loved every second.

We had a lovely evening, celebrating Callan's first birthday with new friends and Travis' parents.  We started with cheese and crackers, then moved on to pulled pork, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, and autumn chopped salad.  It was quite tasty!
And the 9+ lb pork butt that Travis picked up gave us lots of leftovers!

I went a little overboard on dessert.  Thankfully, Travis took all that was left over to work this morning.  Except for the Rollo pretzel bites.  Those, I was not willing to share.  When I saw them on Pinterest, I knew I needed an excuse to make them - Callan's party was the perfect excuse.  Pretzels, Rollos, and pecans; in the words of Ina Garten, "how bad can that be?!"

Rolo pretzel bites

I also made cinnamon roll cupcakes, and a few banana cupcakes from leftover batter from Callan's cake, as well as chocolate chip cookies, ginger snaps, and maple cream cookies.  Sugar overload.

cinnamon roll cupcakes

After dinner, we opened presents.  Callan is one spoiled little boy!  (And this picture was taken before our guests showed up with gifts!)  We are so blessed by all the love that has been shown for our sweet boy.  Not just with gifts, but with prayers since he was just a twinkle in God's eye.  And for that, we are most grateful.

Callan was only mildly interested in opening his gifts - but he sure was all about the toys once all that paper was torn off. 

lots of goodies from friends, Josh and Lesley

a winter coat from great-grandpa Chuck

check from great-grandma (ca)

from Uncle Rich, Aunt Karin, and cousin Erin

Weebles from our new friends, Evan, Chelsey, and sweet, little Rylee

fun new activity from gma and gpa

instrument set from us

The highlight of my night was the idea of Callan destroying his "smash cake" - my little banana flavored labor of love.


That excitement died quickly as this was as close as Callan wanted to get to his cake.  He wanted nothing to do with eating, tasting, or getting frosting on his teeny fingers.  I totally sulked for about 10 minutes.  I took a giant bite out of his cake just to make myself feel better...somebody had to.

We had a wonderful time - great friends, good food, and one of the best reasons to celebrate that I could ever imagine.  In a perfect world, ALL of our family and friends would have been at our house last night, but we know how much Callan is loved and prayed for by each one of them, and that is the greatest gift we could ever ask for for our little miracle (although they were dearly missed!!).

Tomorrow our sweet boy turns 1.
Happy birthday, to the littlest love of my life.