Monday, November 28, 2011

new shoes

Since Callan was born, we've struggled to keep his feet covered.  He pulls of socks, he yanks off shoes.  Now that he's quite the able walker, it was time to find just the right pair of shoes to protect his little feet outside and in public - not to mention to keep his feet warm this winter.  So, I started researching shoes for baby boys.  I know Robeez and Pedipeds are popular, and both come recommended, but I had to do my own research, and find out if there were any other options out there that would suit us.

Long story short, I settled on Rileyroos.  They are reasonably priced, adorable, and most importantly, stay on Callan's feet!  

Not long after UPS delivered the shoes today, I had them unpackaged and on Callan's feet.  I had to encourage him to walk in them at first, but after a few steps he was off on his own, not even minding that he wasn't barefoot.

Of course I followed him around the house for 10 minutes with my camera.

 Rileyroos - money well spent!  (Thank goodness!)


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