Saturday, February 16, 2013

snow. and a winner.

When we moved from California to Oklahoma, one thing we were kind of excited about was the fact that Oklahoma gets a real winter, with real snow.  Well, in the two and a half years that we have lived here, we haven't seen much of the white stuff.  Kind of disappointing.

Last week, however, the weathermen were calling for snow.  We heard anywhere from a snow/rain mix with barely an accumulation, to 6-7 inches. We've been teased, by the weathermen, with the "threat" of snow before only to be let down, so we didn't get our hopes too high this time around.  I told Travis "my hopes are up, but I'm expecting to be let down".  It's hard for me not to get excited about snow.  I come from the east coast.  I kind of miss it.  The snow, not New Jersey.

It was supposed to start snowing overnight.   We woke up to nothing.  But around 11 am, we started to see a few flakes.  Just to see snow fall is exciting.  It's magical.  Yes, I'm easily amused.  But so is Callan.  He enjoyed some time gazing out the window, driving his cars on the blinds.  By early afternoon, snow was starting to stick.

At times, the snow flakes were so big.  They were like pinches of white cotton candy falling from the sky.

We probably saw an inch, or so, and it was gone the following day, but it was fun while it lasted.  I love freshly fallen snow.  Especially at night.  The darkness isn't so dark when a blanket of white covers all that you see.  There's a spiritual metaphor there, but I'm trying to keep this post easy breezy.  Although I've definitely been thinking about it quite a bit lately.

I doubt we'll see any more snow this winter, so here's hoping next year sends us enough to at least build a snowman, even if only once.

Two more things.

Today I'm 33.  I'm kind of in denial.

And we have a give-away winner!  Go ahead, get excited.  This is fun stuff.

Congratulations, Leslie!!  Please convo me on etsy to claim your prize!

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Happy 3 day weekend!


  1. Happy birthday! I hope it's wonderful and that you get many inches of snow, just because it's your birthday :o)

  2. Happy Birthday! I loved the update! I was thinking of you earlier this week. We miss ya'll!