Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Years in Jersey

On New Year's Eve, we headed east to visit my family in New Jersey for a week.  This was the first time we flew together, as a little family of 3.  Flying is a headache and a blessing.  Depending on the moment, it can be more one than the other.  Thankfully, all went smoothly and Callan was a great, little traveler.

We rang in the new year with my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and niece.  I'm surprised we actually made it to midnight.  We were exhausted from little sleep and a full morning of travel.

Since we weren't together for Christmas, on New Year's day, we all gathered around the table for our family's traditional Christmas Eve dinner.  I love Christmas with my family.

After dinner, we moved into the family room for pictures and presents with the kids.  I can't even tell you how much fun it is to watch our kids play and interact with each other - my heart could have exploded it was so full.

My mom picked up matching Christmas pj's for Callan and Erin.  

Kind of reminiscent of these days...{that's me and my sister way back when.}

On Monday, Travis and my bro-in-law headed to a local brewery to enjoy some guy time while my sister and I hung back at their house with the kiddos.  We really wish we could spend more days like that together.  It's the 1500 miles between us that pose a problem.

Oh, ya know...just having a little tea party.  

Callan made himself at home by climbing into Erin's toy basket and finding a book to read.

They are quite the armful!

Brother-in-law with the kids.  

On Tuesday, we took a road trip out to Pennsylvania to visit my grandparents.  Of course I forgot to get a picture of Callan with them, but they got such a kick out of watching Callan walk around and be the active, button pushing, curious, little boy that he is.

Every time we are in NJ, we have to pay a visit to the Christmas Tree Shop and Ikea.  It's a MUST.

We would have bought this too adorable rocking moose for Callan if we knew we could get it home safely.  Sadly, it stayed at Ikea for another little girl or boy to take home.  But how cute does he look taking it out for a test ride?

We drank {more than} our fair share of Dunkin' Donuts coffee.

Callan colored, for the first time.

He tickled a few ivories.

We cherished moments.

We had such a full visit, but we managed to squeeze in a little tiling project.  My dad and I spent the majority of Friday tiling their kitchen backsplash.

This was my first time tiling.  I've always been intimidated by the process, but now I'm an old pro.  ;)
It's not difficult, just time consuming.  My dad and I make a great tiling team.  We finished the grouting process late Friday night, but it was so nice to wake up to a finished product.  So nice.

It's always hard leaving my parents, but we enjoyed some beautiful weather outside before we had to load up the car and head to the airport.  

We always love our time spent in Jersey with my family.
We love the memories we make together.
I love them to pieces and miss them every day!
Hopefully, one day, we'll live closer.


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