Monday, June 11, 2012

from the weekend

On Saturday, we had some "business" to take care of down in the city at a favorite pawn shop of Travis'.  It's always gun related, so I could really care less; I'm just along for the ride.  But because I tolerate this lovely place (Callan and I actually sit in the car), on, at least, a monthly basis, I always talk him into taking me somewhere I want to go.  After all, it's only fair.  On this particular weekend, it was ReStore. 

We don't have one in our neck of the woods, so it's a nice treat, every few months, to browse through their stash of building scrap and supplies. I had a list of items that I was hoping to find, but I didn't find a single thing on my list.  Figures.  I did pick up a few rolls of brown packing paper, however, for $0.99 a piece, some packing tape, and a pack of AAA batteries we needed for our label maker (which I put to use for the first time this weekend - woo!).

While shopping around, a few items caught our eyes.  We seriously considered this wooden desk, but it needed a lot of love and there's really no where to put it in our house.  But with the $19 price tag, we really almost tried to shove it in the back of the van.  A chair crush reared it's head when I spotted these metal + wood folding chairs.  But again, not quite sure what I'd do with them.  They're not exactly what I'm looking for to replace my current dining room chairs, so they got left behind with the desks.

After ReStore, we checked out a burger joint that Travis' co-workers suggested.  That's Travis' monster burger.  It was nearly the size of Callan's head, no joke!  I, on the other hand, had a grilled chicken sandwich, while Callan enjoyed his first corn dog.

Happy to be at our favorite store.  Target, duh.

Target had some great stuff going on in the rug isle.  I loved all the textures!  And that clearance lampshade almost made it's way into the cart.

I'm pretty sure you've probably eyed these sweet little berry baskets from Anthropologie before.  If you're like me, you probably have considered one or two of these little baskets for your kitchen.  How cute would your berries look all piled up in one when you open your fridge?  But the $20 price tag dissuades me every time.


But check out what Target has!  Way cute plastic ware...including berry baskets!  A pack of 2 (a large and a small) for $4.99.  I snagged a set.  If I had the one from Anthro, I'd be fearful of dropping it and watching it shatter before my eyes (and I'd likely sob a pathetic, little sob), but I won't have to worry about that with these!  Now, mind you, I may be way behind here and you've already seen these, but I only get to Target once a month, if I'm lucky (the closest one is 1.5 hrs away), so this was a pretty exciting discovery.  Currently, grape tomatoes are in one, mini bell peppers are in the other.

We made a quick stop at a Walmart on our way home, and Callan got to ride on one of these fun carts for the first time (I've never seen these carts at "our" Walmart).  Such a big boy!  He wore the biggest grin and waved at people as if he were cruising around on a float in the Thanksgiving day parade.  But why do they make those suckers so hard to steer?!

Of course we found some new cars for him at the store.
And of course he fell asleep with them, in hand, on the way home.

Aside from some yardwork yesterday, this was the excitement of our weekend.
Hope yours was enjoyable!


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