Monday, June 25, 2012

from the weekend

This weekend was pretty hot.  Our little, outside temperature gauge creeped past 100 degrees on both Saturday and Sunday.  Thankfully, there was a bit of a breeze.  This is Oklahoma, after all - there's almost always a breeze.

This didn't keep us from getting some work done in the yard, though.  We spent several hours in the yard, pulling weeds, on Saturday.  Yes, the yard had gotten that bad.

Callan didn't mind, he loves his time outside, whether it's 100 degrees or 40.

After a much needed shower on Saturday evening, I enjoyed a very yummy strawberry daiquiri - my first thoroughly enjoyed adult beverage since having Callan, along with some feta and spinach stuffed burgers on the grill.  A perfect way to end the day. 

We finished up in the yard on Sunday evening.  The green waste trash can was at max capacity, so with all the weeds pulled, and dirt cleared, we called it a night, but not before some fun with the hose.

Despite all the work we put into the yard, we had a really great weekend together as a family.  Productivity, with my boys by my side, makes my heart happy.


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