Monday, July 23, 2012

vacation thrift store finds

I'm pretty sure this is the last post that is vacation related.


Sorry if I dragged it all out.
But not only do I post all this to share with you, but to document it for myself.
It's like my very own electronic scrapbook.

Anyways,  here's the last of it...

I wanted to share my Idahoan thrift store finds!

I found this teal and ivory zig zag afghan in an antique store in downtown Coeur d'Alene for only $4.50!  You can't buy the yarn to make one for that cheap.  Total steal.

I picked up these two vintage quilt blocks at an antique store in Sandpoint, ID, for about $6.50 a piece.  I love that every time I look at them, I will be reminded of the beautiful, little city on gorgeous Lake Pend Orielle.  They are soooo soft, and hand quilted.  They've already been washed and sewn into pillow covers for our bed; I just need to pick up some 16x16 pillow inserts.  They might be my favorite find of the trip.

I found some really great vintage-y pillow cases at a Hospice Thrift Store in Post Falls - two of the golden stripe (for $1.50) and one blue floral (for $.50).   One of the striped pillow cases was sacrificed for the back of the quilt squares to make the pillow covers.  They look pretty darn cute.

A perfect little mug for twenty-three cents.

All of my finds look so pretty together.

Callan got lots of books on this trip.  He got this (nearly complete) set of books from Goodwill, in Post Falls.  Both Travis and I had these as kids, so, clearly, our kiddo needs to have them, too.  :)

And you can't go wrong with $2 Dr. Seuss books (antique store prices), The Stinky Cheese Man for $3 (hardcover, antique store price), and a random $.10 book for when he's a bit older (thrift store price).

And I picked up a sweater, plaid, button-down shirt, and zip-up hoodie for Callan.  All in great shape.

The thrift store prices were pretty fantastic and hard to beat.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to be craving a return trip to each of these stores in a month or two.
But I certainly won't be craving the 1630 mile road trip to get there.


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