Tuesday, October 16, 2012

an etsy shop

It's happening.

Friday, I think.

I need a few more days to obsess over just the right wording and shop policies and all that technical mumbo-jumbo.

It won't be fancy.

Maybe one day it might get a little fancy, but for right now it's going to be basic.


But because I'm so excited about opening up this little shop of mine (not to mention a bundle of nerves), I'm going to host a little celebratory give-away!  

The give-away will open when the shop opens, so keep an eye out.

I'm aiming for Friday.

Monday at the latest.

You can follow me on Instagram (paisleysprouts OR alleigh80) to stay up to date on the shop opening and new products.  I'll be posting all that good stuff on the blog, too, of course.

Off to edit what has already been edited, re-read what has already been re-read, and nail down a few more details and project ideas.


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