Wednesday, October 3, 2012

it's a beautiful day in heaven

Tonight, my Mama (my Dad's mom) went home to heaven.

Even in my sadness, I can't stop imagining her heavenly reception.
Reunited with her parents and siblings, grandparents, and other beloved friends and family that she missed on this earth for so many years.
My grandpa was among the many that greeted her at those pearly gates.
I can just hear them.

Grandpa: "Ruth! What are you doing here?!" (said jokingly, with a bright-eyed, open-mouth smile)
Mama: "Arne!  I thought I'd come say hi!" (spoken with such joy and peace)
Grandpa: "I hope you didn't have any traffic along the way!"  (said with a grin)
Mama: "[chuckle] Oh, Arne!"

The next few days will be full of tears and memories.
Memories of childhood, family gatherings, holidays, vacations spent together.
Beautiful, wonderful memories.

Tonight, Mama is with Jesus.
My heart and mind are overwhelmed.
My heart aches, but she is with Jesus.
And that brings me such great JOY.

Tears of loss and sadness meet tears of joy.


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