Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i'm baaack

From where you ask?  Well, it's kind of a long story, so I'll share it a little bit at a time.  

Lets start with May 7-13.  That's about where I last left off.

My parents came out to visit from New Jersey.  We enjoyed spending the week together.  It was special to spend my first mother's day with my parents and my little family.  Over the course of the week, my parents spent lots of time admiring and playing with Callan, while I got some work done in Callan's room {although I'm quite a ways from being finished}.  But hooray for progress!

While my parents were here, we learned that Callan likes to hang out in the laundry basket (but never unsupervised!).  Too cute, right? 

My Dad and Callan are quite the pair.

My Mom was a little under the weather during their visit, but she couldn't pass up the chance to feed Callan a little rice cereal.   She kept her distance most of their stay, hopefully she can get lots of snuggles and kisses in the next time she's here!

I'm playing lots of catch up this week.  
I'm a bit overwhelmed.  
You'll soon learn why.  

Unpacking, laundry, cleaning, organizing, painting, shelter stocking...sigh.


  1. So glad you got to spend lots of time with your parents :o) i love your new blog background and i'm glad you're back :o)

  2. Aw, cute pictures! I love the bib, btw...and it's totally true!!! LOL.

  3. ok the suspense is killing me....and after reading tiffany's comment...WHATS GOING ON?! Im impatiently waiting for your next blog...