Thursday, May 26, 2011

road trip for family, no. 2

May 13-22

While my parents were here visiting a few weeks ago (read about their visit here), we got word that Travis' grandmother was in the hospital.  A few days later, she was called homeHow glorious it is that she is now with her Savior.  She'll never have to worry about losing her teeth again...the thought of that makes me smile.  
Her earthly, gummy smile will be missed.

A trip back to Fresno (for the funeral) was in order.

Our roadtrip began around 9 am on Friday, May 13 (about an hour and a half after my parents left for the airport).  The first leg of the drive was from Enid to Kingman, AZ where we spent the night at a hotel.  We left the hotel around 9 am the following day (Saturday) and arrived in Fresno 4 pm-ish.   

Here's a look at our route.

Just looking at it makes me tired.

Here are a few shots from on our way to Fresno.  We made pretty good time, considering all the stops to fill up on gas, to feed and change Callan, and to walk Ellie.

The drive really is a beautiful one, although veeeeery long.  Spending two days in the car with a 6 month old and a little mutt is exhausting.

 Since the little town of Fowler is on our way into Fresno, we made a quick stop at our friends' house.  I love the fact that they, literally, ran out of the house to greet us and to meet Callan for the first time.  We miss the Dunshees!  The girls had so much fun holding Callan, and so did Sean (but he won't admit to it).  ;)

 On Sunday morning, we were so excited to visit our home church in Fresno, Copper Springs.  We miss our church family immensely!  We had Callan dedicated that morning.  Very special.  We saw lots of friends that morning and got oodles of hugs.  We even got to witness the baptism of one of our friend's mothers.  Praise God!

We spent lots of time with our dear friends, the Koppers.  We miss them TONS.  I loved watching them meet Callan for the first time.  Their little girl is very special and an absolute doll, and we are so excited that they have a baby boy due to arrive in October!  { SO EXCITED }

Callan got his first "big boy bath" while visiting with the Koppers one evening.  You should have seen the 6.5 of us crowded into the bathroom.  :) 
(Thanks for capturing the moment, Tiffany!)

{LOVE this picture}

The reason for our spur of the moment trip to Fresno was bittersweet.  We joined with Travis' family in celebrating the life of a beloved woman, his grandmother.  The cemetery where she was buried is one of the most beautiful cemeteries I have ever seen, full of trees and roses.  
It's a very special place.

Sadly, Callan didn't get to meet his great-grandmother before she passed, but was his great-grandfather ever excited to meet our little man.  He couldn't get enough.  I think Callan was a happy distraction from the sadness of his loss.

 We had a few firsts on this trip, aside from the big boy bath.  Callan visited his first casino.  Yes, casino.  But not for the gambling, because, well, that would be illegal, but for the BUFFET.  Chuckchansi Gold Casino has THE best buffet.  We all lost our will power, just a smidge, that night.

Callan also sat in a shopping cart for the first time.  He was so proud.  He's getting so big!

Oh, and that picture of Travis holding Callan was just too funny to not include.  Ha!

 So after our 6 day visit to the "NO", we began our long trek home to Enid on Saturday, May 21, .  The first day, we drove from Fresno to Albuquerque, and then traveled the rest of the way on Sunday. 

Home never felt so good.  We've decided that we need at least 6 months between such long roadtrips.   For the sake of our sanity.

It's been a slow process of unpacking, getting laundry done, and putting everything back in their places because nature had me on edge earlier this week.  But I'll save that for tomorrow.  


  1. Callen is such a blend of you two! I loved seeing you on the Sunday Callen was dedicated.

  2. This made me cry. I miss you SO MUCH! It makes me sick that I was so close but so far a couple weeks ago...So who's mom got baptized? Thanks for the post...I'm still waiting for the "news"? of the unknown that made me sit up straight while laying in bed, just kidding. But still waiting. Miss you Ali.

  3. Tasha - It was so good to see you on Sunday, too! So sorry we couldn't make our hectic schedule work that week to get together as two families.

    Candace - I miss you too! Lynda's mom got baptized! And sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no "news", although I wouldn't mind paddling around in the same boat with you ;)'s just that life has been absolutely nutso the past few weeks, so much coming and going and never catching up...we're happy to be settling back into a routine. You haven't missed much of what's been going on since I've been sharing it all of facebook. Hope "things" are peachy! Big hug to you!

  4. Oh wow, what a road trip!! Looks like you had a great time with your fam:) love the tub pict of callen, adorable!

  5. Oh, we miss you guys so much already! It was so good to see you guys, glad we could be there for the funeral. I love love LOVE your little man!!! MWAH! :)