Thursday, July 7, 2011

making me happy

On Tuesday morning, we decided to head over to a rather new barber shop here in town for Travis to get his mop hair cut.  We walked in and I whipped out my phone, like, so fast, and started snapping pictures.  Isn't it too cute?!  I love that striped wall with the grellow sofa in front of it.  From the tool boxes, to the retro barber chairs, to the checkered floors...  Just a fun place.  Great vibe.  And the owner was as cool as could be.  If you ever find yourself in Enid, needing a haircut, definitely check out BlueJay's Barber Shop & Beauty Bar.

{ source }

After the haircut, we crossed the street to check out a little antique mall.  I picked up this little guy { I love him, btw } for $10.50.  Not the cheapest little creature, but I knew I'd kick myself when I got home if I left him at the store.  He has made his nest up on the bookshelf in the living room (for now). 

{ perched between vintage cameras }

Last week, I received an e-mail from my hoop swap buddy giving me a heads up about a free filler print on eighteen 25's page.  I was all over it.  I saved the file, uploaded it to Costco's photo website, ordered a 12x18 print, and found it in my mailbox on Tuesday.  I'm in love with it.  Get your own here.
{ Thanks, L, for the heads up! }

On the same day that I got my filler print in the mail { Tuesday was pretty eventful, huh! }, I got the fabric that I had ordered from Hawthorne Threads.  My husband wasn't overly entertained by my happy song & dance.  Like I cared.  HAPPY MAIL, HELLO?!
 I have pillow and kitchen curtain making in my future.

Our new fence is slowly making its way from one end of the yard to the other (96 feet).  We have about 3 more posts to install, and 3.5 panels.  { So close!! }  100+ degree temperatures plus an (almost) 8 month old make for slow progress.  But we're getting there, and it's a HUGE improvement!

Oh, and I'm sure you saw the new look that our fireplace is rocking in this post.   With just two coats of primer, the fireplace is already looking so much better.  I'm hoping to get two coats of paint on that baby by the weekend.

Grilled PB&J sandwiches.  Need I say more?

So that's what's making me happy this week.  What's putting a smile on your face these days?


  1. Wow so many lovely things :o) I love that fabric and your fireplace is looking really great. Oh and toasted PB&J's?? That sounds so fantastic.

  2. All of these things make me smile, too. How cute is that owl. I went to a quilting shop here and almost bought that blue fabric on the left. So funny. Loving the fireplace and the fence looks great. You guys have been busy busy!

  3. that barber shop looks amazing!
    i printed the exact print a while ago. i love it :)
    can't wait to see what you do with your new fabric!

  4. I have missed reading your blog :(
    I have lots to catch up on!
    I love that owl and I am hoping that shot of your wall means you haven't painted over the beautiful pattern :)
    And the fabric! Amazing.

  5. Can you tell me where you found your owl? Was it local or a big box store? Yellow is my favorite color and owls are something I've collected since being a tiny girl. :) It's a must-have if I can find it!

  6. undonegirl: I found my owl at a local antique store, so that doesn't really help you much :/ I did look on the bottom of it to see if there were any stamps or markings, and I found that it is a Frankoma pottery piece. I found this link on (although it is already sold) to give you a better idea of what you're looking for (if you decide to hunt one of these cute little critters down). :) Hope this helps!