Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a new address

After editing my blog so many times, something got screwed up somewhere.  It has been driving me crazy (for many, many months) that as you scroll down to the end of the "old blog", my posts seem to repeat themselves and the layout had gotten jumbled.  I haven't been able to get to the root of the problem, so I finally decided to start over. 

I can't use the same web address since it's already taken (by the old blog), and I don't want to delete the old blog - at least not yet.  I worked hard on it and have lots of great pictures and recipes posted, so for now it stays (plus you can always refer back to it if need be).  You're just going to have to learn a new web address...that is if you still want to keep up with happenings in our home.  (Which I hope you do!)
So make a note of the new address:  www.tacsprouts.blogspot.com.

And remember, if you see something on my blog that tickles your fancy, I'd love to get a comment from you!  (It totally makes my day.)  Just click on the post title that you want to leave a comment on and scroll down until you see the comment box - then just comment away!  You can also "follow" me!  (Just click "follow" on the new sidebar and follow any prompts.)

p.s.  I re-posted the "finished" tour of our condo on this new blog site...just in case you missed it on the other one!  Enjoy :)


  1. So, I'm totally curious. How did you get such a nice title, the cool about me picture, and to sign your name so fancy?

  2. Tasha, I picked up a few "tricks" from this website: http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/blog-secrets.html

    All you need is some time and a little patience to add a little something something to your blog. Hope that helps!