Tuesday, October 12, 2010

welcome to our home!

Are you ready for a quick tour of our new place?  I bet you are!  Our once blank canvas of a condo now has a bit of color and personality.  However, you should know (that is, if you don't know already) that wherever I live, spaces are never "finished".  I'm constantly moving things around, re-accessorizing, and taking on new projects, so the way you see our place in these pictures may not be what you see when you step inside our front door when you come to visit.  You're coming to visit, aren't you?  AREN'T YOU?!?!

Haha, anyways, with that said, drum roll, please...

Welcome to unit 772!

...stepping in the front door
our little entry
As you walk into the condo, the first doorway you encounter on the right is the nursery's.  Here's a sneak peek at our little guys room. 

nursery view from the doorway

his closet full of goodies that we can't wait to put to use!
recognize the metal basket on the wall?  it was one of my finds from the thrift store!  it's great for keeping diapers within reach
we're hoping to get some pictures in the frames over his crib within the first few weeks of bringing our little guy home
The guest room is also just off the entry.  I have a "minor" project lined up for this room in the next week or so, so stay tuned to the blog for before and after pictures.  Here's the guest room as it looks for the moment.

view from the doorway

door on the left is a walk-in closet (being used for extra storage right now); door on the right is the bathroom
the guest room is also being used as a space for our desktop computer and printer.  also nice for guests to access the internet in their own room.
guest room bathroom (still in the making)
guest room bathroom (still in the making)
Here's a look at our kitchen.  It's pretty cute, but far from ideal (especially storage-wise).  I'm still working on figuring out how it functions best for me, so it too, is a work in progress.  However, I'm enjoying cooking and baking in it in the meantime!

we really enjoy the pass-through from the kitchen to the living room.  I get to watch TV while I do the dishes!

Next on the tour is our master bedroom.  This is the second layout that we have tried since moving in, and this one suits us much better than the last.  We love how cozy our bedroom is.  We even don't mind the mirrored closet doors as they reflect a great deal of light from the only window in our room.  (Plus they are a great source of entertainment for Ellie)

the pendant from the thrift store has found a home in the corner of our room
we even got the pack and play all set up (we just did this this morning), ready to welcome our little guy home.  he'll probably sleep in it in our room for at least the first few weeks while we all adjust to being a family of three

We have a bathroom attached to our bedroom, however it also connects to the hallway.  It's a bathroom/laundry room.  I don't mind this as much as I thought I would.  It encourages me to keep our laundry room tidy and helps me stay on top of loads.  Certainly not a bad thing!

view from the hallway/entry doorway

view from our bedroom doorway into the bathroom
in this picture, you can see that the vanity cabinets go all the way to the floor - we're still trying to get used to this no toe-kick idea
Lastly, the living room.  We spend a lot of time in here.  We love that it has a vaulted ceiling and a ceiling fan.  We dislike the fact that there is no room for a dining table, but we love the living room so much as it is, that we're willing to sit down to dinner at the coffee table nightly.  Eventually we'll pick up a couple of bar stools, but in the meantime we'll continue to eat on the floor.  We don't mind (at least not for the moment).   Although you should see me try to get up off of the floor at 8 months pregnant - it's quite the sight!

So there you have it!  This is where we live, this is where we call home.  We have grown to love this quaint little place in the few short weeks that we have been here.  We look forward to starting a family here and watching our little guy learn to smile and crawl and all that other good stuff that babies do.  Where we'll move on to from here?  Only God knows, and we know his plans are perfect.  Surprisingly, we wouldn't be opposed to staying in Oklahoma for quite a while though...we are loving it here.

(And that's definitely an answer to prayer.)


  1. K I am in love with your bedding, the new paint color on the coffee table, and the basket hung on the wall holding diapers. SUUUPPPPEEERR cute. It looks great, I can't believe you have it all done already! :)

  2. what a beautiful home you've created!!