Friday, October 15, 2010

turkey thoughts

Admit it.  You know you're thinking about it already.  If you're hosting Thanksgiving this year, you have to have some thoughts and ideas floating around your busy brain, whether it be regarding the menu, decor, or how you're going to make it all go off without a hitch. 

This year will be a whole new turkey adventure for us; we're excited!  For the past 6 years we've spent Thanksgiving at my in-laws house (in Fresno - just a walk up the driveway from where we used to live), but this year we'll be staying in Oklahoma.  We'll have a new baby, all of the grandparents will have left us by then, and we'll be welcoming my sister and brother-in-law to share the holiday with us.  A quiet, just the 5 of us + the dog, scrumptious holiday meal prepared by me and my sister.  It's going to be good.  Count on it. 

Maybe I'm planning all of this out a wee early, but can you blame me?  If our guy arrives "on time", we'll have less than 3 weeks between his birth and Thanksgiving day.  Juggling a new baby, my parents and in-laws (and a dog) between November 5 and November 21 - I need to be on top of things!  By the end of this month, I can guarantee you that I'll have a turkey in the freezer, all of the non-perishable fixings for the side dishes and desserts (some of which I already have) stashed away, and a schedule (more or less) typed out on the computer of how turkey day is going to go down.

So as of the moment, I'm searching for dinner table inspiration.  How the table looks is almost as important as how the food tastes.  Well, not really, but if you know me, you know what I mean.  Of course I'd love a table setting straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog, like the next few pictures, but that's completely out of the question (and my budget).  I'm going to have to get creative.

Oh, and just a side note, I would LOVE to have this chandelier hanging over my dining table.  I am absolutely in love with it.  This fixture completely encompasses my love of mason jars and pendant lighting.  Maybe I can figure out how to make one myself...unlikely, but perhaps?  It's a thought. 

Ok, time to get my head out of the clouds...back to reality and to what I can afford.  For my table, I'll be using some items that I already have in my stash of "not used at the moment" decor, and possibly finding a few inexpensive goodies over at Hobby Lobby to dress up our Thanksgiving spread.

Here's a simple idea that I'm thinking of reinventing.  I'm not quite sure how, but it needs a little sprucing up.  (Haha - spruce - an evergreen tree - pine cone provider...not funny?  Oh well.  It made me chuckle.)  I love pine cones.  I love their texture and variety.  Clearly a natural fall/winter element.  Definitely a must for a fall inspired table.

And who doesn't love a seasonal centerpiece smack dab in the middle of the table?  It's an eye-catcher; it's a focal point; it's beautiful; it's in the way when you sit down to dinner. 

My goal is to create a beautifully simple table centerpiece that you don't have to remove from the table after sitting down because it's in the way of conversation, and you don't have to have the mashed potatoes sitting in your lap just to leave the centerpiece where it sits because it takes up way too much space and there's no room for the main course.  That's my goal.  Maybe a few small gourds, a little foliage, maybe a couple of candles...

Have you started thinking about Thanksgiving yet?  Do you have any fall decor ideas that you'd like to share?  Inspiration comes from all around us.  I'd love to get inspired from you!

[All of these images were "clipped" from the internet.]


  1. I love the mason jar look!. I haven't ever hosted Thanksgiving, but I do love fall!

  2. I think the mason jar chandelier is totally do-able!!!! i was even thinking the same about recreating, doesn't seem like it would be too difficult! I've been drooling over this PB catalog for the last several days...I also, personally, think that an outdoor picnic-style Thanksgiving would be wonderful, with plaid blankets on the tops of the tables, under some beautifully fall-colored trees....

  3. Ok, Tiff, the outdoor Thanksgiving picnic idea is totally a dream of mine. One day...ONE DAY!