Saturday, October 23, 2010

an unpredicted day

Today was unpredicted.  We left our place a little after 1pm to head to a pumpkin patch just a little ways outside of Enid.  We pulled into the "pumpkin patch" and were a little disappointed.  We saw a giant corn maze, a maze made out of hay bales, and a petting zoo.  It looked like it could have been fun...if we had kids.  (Maybe next year.)  But there was no pumpkin patch in sight.  The whole point of driving out there was to pick a pumpkin.  Preferably a mid-sized, squat one to sit in the middle of the coffee table.  Oh well.  Moving on.  We decided to head down the road a little bit further to check out Stillwater, OK.  There's some shopping there, so we'd walk around for a few hours and then head home.  But then again, maybe the road would take us to Oklahoma City...which it did.  Well, Travis took us there, but still... 

Once we got into the city, our first stop was at Bass Pro Shop.  What a cool store!  Aside from all the taxidermy.  You could say I have taxidermy-phobia, or whatever the technical term for it is, if there is one.  But I'm getting better.  At least I'm trying.  There was a department for everything outdoors - hunting (guns and archery), camping, boating, fishing, clothing...I'm sure if you're looking for something that has to do with the outdoors, this place has it.  I'd almost be willing to bet on it.  (That is, if I were a betting woman.)  While we were walking through the fishing department, we checked out some of the flies that they had.  This one was my favorite. 

he's cute!
After we left the Bass Pro Shop, we headed over to Bricktown to do some walking around and exploring.  We heard that they have a river walk down there, so we wanted to check it out.  We parked the car (for $5, in a lot) and took off on foot.  (I was secretly hoping that the walking would help to induce labor, but no such luck.)  As we were walking through the Bricktown area, along the river, we discovered a cute little shop in which individual sellers had booths set up where they could sell their products.  One booth, in particular, caught my eye.  Samantha Lamb is a photographer from Oklahoma who has an amazing eye for capturing soft natural light as it gently caresses all that is beautiful.  If you're into photography, I encourage you to check out her site (by clicking on her name above).  Below are two postcards that I picked up today.  I'm in love with her work. 

Once we paid for my postcards (only $1 each), we headed next door to a little wine tasting corner called "Put a Cork in it".  Really cute, really friendly.  Travis tasted (for free) a sweet wine, called "Red Dirt Road".  It's description is as follows: "a special combination of wild field berries is blended with a delicious big red shiraz to create a wonderfully fruity treat".   He enjoyed it so much, he picked up a bottle for $13.95.  We'll be saving it to celebrate with later. 

a little wine conversation area - those "grapes" hanging above are actually lights!
After we left "Put a Cork in it", we walked around for a little longer.  We strolled river-side for a bit. 

After walking back up to street level, we stopped in at a candy store where Travis picked up a Boylan's creamy red birch beer in a glass bottle.  He enjoyed sipping it as we made our way back around the block to where the car was parked.  At this point, we were ready to get on the road and head back in the direction of home.  We decided to stop and grab some dinner on the way.  Joe's Crab Shack was on the way home and we had been wanting to try it out - dinner location, agreed upon.

how cute is he :)
Travis enjoyed a "shark bite" with his dinner
Travis had a big 'ol pot of seafood goodness for dinner

I had coconut shrimp with a very yummy pineapple sauce and onion strings
he really enjoyed his meal
Once our bellies were full, it was time to roll ourselves out of the booth and head out.  Next stop - Target.  We needed our fix.  And toilet paper.  Amongst other things.  

After checking out, and hitting the bathroom one last time before our hour + drive home, we were ready to hit the road.  (And at this point, ready to be home.)  On our drive home, we had front row seats to a simply breath-taking sunset.

We had a wonderfully unpredictable day.  We enjoyed each others company.  We laughed.  We held hands.  We enjoyed what could have possibly been our last little day trip before we add another member to our little family.  We'll miss these days as a couple and being able to take off on a whim, but we are incredibly excited for what the future holds for us as a family of three.  God's got a whole new kind of adventure in store for us.  We're saddled up.  

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  1. I love the picture under the bridge. Would like to go there sometime. Looks so quaint.