Monday, August 6, 2012

kitchen progress

You may or may not remember my red kitchen cabinets.

This picture is from the day that we closed on the house, a year and a half ago.

It was one of those things, when we were looking at the house, that I just shrugged at and said, "oh, I can just paint them."  Easier said than done.  Way easier.

I started tackling these darn cabinets last year.  I'm not even half way done.  BUT what I do have finished is a heck of an improvement and changes the kitchen, dramatically, already, so that keeps me going.

There is a ton of scraping, sanding, priming, and painting going on.  If the cabinets were still their original wood color, this project would be easy peasy, but the fact that the cabinets are painted red, both inside and out, makes the task a much bigger headache.

I finally finished all of the upper cabinet doors last week.  What a relief to have them done, and out of the way.

I finished all of the drawer fronts, too.

This past weekend, I tackled the "island", (we call it that, although, technically, it's not), and attached bookshelf.

All of the lowers are getting painted in Valspar's "Oatlands Subtle Taupe".  This is one of those colors that changes throughout the day with the lighting.  In the morning, it's more tan than gray; it's a true tan-gray during the afternoon; and it's definitely more gray in the evening.  It looks most like this chip in the morning/early afternoon.

Crazy difference, right?!

So much lighter and brighter.

I really love it, although it's such a drastic difference, it's going to take some time to get used to the lighter color.  Not too much time, though, because it really is so much better.

I'm working on the cabinets in sections, that way it's not too overwhelming.

Here's the section that's up next.  I expect to start sometime later this week.
I need a mini break before I jump back into it.

Oh, and over the weekend, we also got some molding up in the kitchen.

We still have to caulk and patch nail holes, but the molding makes a world of difference.
I really cleans up the ceiling recess, and finishes it off.

I probably won't share anymore of the kitchen until the lower cabinets are completely finished, so it could be a few weeks.

But it's going to be a heck of a reveal.   


  1. Wow! the painted cabinets look so fantastic! you ought to be very pleased. i just love and envy your kitchen layout. how exciting to be soooo close to being done but why, why, why did the previous owners feel that the inside of the cabinets needed to be painted too???

  2. Wow! Your kitchen really does look MUCH better! Soak in all of the blessings of being able to paint a home, especially since some of us will probably have unpaintable apartments until further notice;)