Saturday, August 25, 2012

a trip to the zoo

Yesterday was a perfect day to spend at the Oklahoma City Zoo.  School is back in session which means a quiet zoo day.  Just the way we like it.  We love that zoo.  It's a beautiful, clean, safe zoo.  We think a membership might be in order next year.

I took lots of pictures.  Here are a handful (maybe a few handfuls) of my favorites.

At the petting zoo.

One landed on my head.  I might have been just a little shocked/freaked out/grossed out.
I didn't have to put a bird on it.  The bird put itself on it.

Mesmerized by the sea lions.

We fed the ducks.

A picnic lunch.

When did he get so big?!  Can you believe he'll be TWO in just over 2 months?!!

Pygmy hippo.
I want a hippopotamus for Christmas...

These are beauty berries.
I think they live up to their name.

Travis' favorite part of the zoo.
The nocturnal exhibit.

Grizzly bears, keeping cool.

First time we got to actually see the otters enjoying their little corner of the zoo!
I might want an otter for Christmas, too.

The gorillas were quite active (it was feeding time).
They put on a show.  Gorilla quarrel and all.

It was a wonderful, family day.  The only way the day could have been better is if it was about 15 degrees cooler and we were wearing sweaters.  

See ya in November, zoo!  With sweaters on.


  1. We've been to the zoo twice in the last two weeks, once with Kyle's mom and the other time with Kyle's aunt. Yeah for Eliana's birthday gift of a zoo membership!!! They put in a new sea lion exhibit that I highly recommend the next time you guys are this way!