Monday, September 3, 2012

my favorite pumpkin muffins

Autumn bring so many things that I love.
Cool weather, crisp air, colorful foliage, crunchy leaves, sweaters, sweatpants, fireside coziness...
(the list goes on, and on)


And of course, pumpkin treats.
Fall may not officially arrive until September 22, but on September 1, I start pulling out my fall decor and getting in the autumn state of mind.
This 100+ degree weather isn't helping, but that's only a minor detail, right? 

To kick off the season, I whipped up a dozen (which is a half recipe) of my favorite pumpkin muffins.  And when I say favorite, I mean favorite.  None compare.

That cream cheese filling might be the best part.
Or maybe the streusel topping, or the cake-like pumpkin muffin, itself.
Or maybe all of the above, together, in one delicious bite. 

I made these for the first time last Fall.
I won't, ever, make another pumpkin muffin recipe.
These are my pumpkin muffins.


  1. oh my gosh these look sooo delicious! I made pumpkin muffins this evening but they definitely do't compare to these. i think i'll use this recipe like...tomorrow :o)

  2. They look amazing!!! I'll have to try them this fall. Let's hope I have some what of a memory by the time fall comes. If I remember right, my memory was super foggy after Eliana was born. We'll see what baby girl #2 does:)