Tuesday, September 18, 2012

a week in New Jersey

Two Thursdays ago, my mom came out to visit for a few days, and then took me and Callan home with her.  We left Travis behind to look after the house and the dogs, but mainly because he doesn't have enough paid vacation to spare right now.  We had a lot of fun, while away, but we sure did miss him.

Prepare for picture overload.
We kept busy and I took hundreds of pictures along the way.
Here are just a few handfuls, some of my favorites.

My sister and I took took the kids to the park, one evening, early in the week.

Trying to get an 18 month old and a 22 month old to sit still for a picture is nearly impossible.

But even antsy toddlers take cute pictures.

Hanging out on Grandma & Grandpa's deck.

On the front steps.

"Run to Grandpa!"

Climbing the magnolia tree.

Little boys always sit in the dirt.
And grab handfulls to throw.

Playing with his new train set from Ikea.

We met my sister and niece at Van Saun Park one afternoon.

We enjoyed walking through the little zoo.

And letting the kids explore freely.

This picture cracks me up.
"Oh, hey!  You're here, too!"

And riding the train that circles the zoo.

Callan's first train ride.

Running and playing in Grandma & Grandpa's front yard.

We enjoyed some fireside snuggles.

We went to Staten Island, NY to visit my grandma, aunt, and cousins.

Callan "met" his great grandpa for the first time.



We went to Pennsylvania to visit my grandparents, and stopped in East Strasburg for a ride on the Strasburg Rail Road.  

Callan's first real train ride.

It was a 45 minute ride through Amish farmlands.
We sat in an open air car, so we got to feel the breeze as we chugged down the track, and smell the lovely smells of farm living.  

Callan thought it was pretty great.

Here he is in front of one of the gift shops - doesn't he look like SUCH  big boy!

Family inside joke, since my sister was a little girl.

$2 pumpkins.  

After the train ride, we went over to see my grandparents.
Callan and Papa.

Papa, Callan, my dad.

Walker rides with Papa.

Callan loved it.

We stopped so I could take a picture of this old, charming building.
Isn't it gorgeous?

On Friday evening, my parents watched Callan so my sister and I could have a little girl time.  We went out to dinner and then walked around Target for a bit.  We headed back to her house to make cupcakes for an early celebration of my mom's birthday.

They were pretty delicious.

On our last, full day, we all went to the Turtleback Zoo.
It was an absolutely perfect day.
Low 70s, sunshine, a slight breeze - it was like an intro to Fall.
Gimme some more of that Fall weather.  I'm so ready.

My favorite view at the zoo.

Train ride at Turtleback.
This was the train ride vacation.
Callan didn't seem to mind, at all.

"choo choo!"

Oh, these two.
They played so well together.
Running up and down the hallway like a couple of toddlers.

A few "Grandma & Grandpa with the grandkids" pictures.

Holding hands.


Callan and I had a wonderful week with family!
Lots of fun memories were made.
Lots of laughs were laughed, hugs hugged, and moments savored.

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  1. Love love LOVE the pictures! ALL. OF. THEM. Looks like a wonderful time!!! :)