Wednesday, September 19, 2012

pumpkin cookies with carmel frosting

My list of reasons for loving Fall is pretty lengthy.
Pumpkin flavored anything is towards the top of the list.

Last year I stumbled upon these delicious pumpkin cookies with carmel frosting.
They're some of my favorite pumpkin cookies.
A must-make every Fall.

I only made half of a batch this morning (I didn't have enough butter for a full batch), and I'm thankful there are half as many as there would be (if I made a full batch), because I may or may not have already eaten 3 of them.
And it's only 1 pm.

Cue self-control.
Although I have very low expectations for myself.

1 comment:

  1. oh gosh. These sound so delicious! for some reason I have yet to make those fantastic pumpkin muffins you shared so now i have to make these AND the muffins...probably on the same day. I'm definitely going to partly blame you for the pounds i'll undoubtedly gain this Fall :o)