Monday, September 10, 2012

mug swap 2012

I recently participated in a mug swap, hosted by Kim.
She organized the whole sha-bang.
And with over 240 participants, that's a ton of work, so thanks, Kim for all you did to make this swap amazing!

So, this mug swap - buy a mug, mail a mug, get a mug.
Sounds like fun, right?!
Who doesn't love a pretty mug to help start the day?
Full of coffee, of course.

It went like this:
Sign up, get e-mailed a person's information for whom you are to buy a mug.  A completely different person (from the person you're buying for) gets your name and sends you a mug.

It's like a chain of mugs.  A mug chain, if you will.

The person I was to buy for, was someone I actually kinda "know", so that made it all the more fun!  (She's an Instagram galpal and a fellow blogger.)

The shops around here, pretty much, consist of Ross and Walmart.  I knew I wasn't going to find "just the right mug" at either of those stores, so I turned to online shopping.

I had been eyeing this mug for myself...I even had it pinned on Pinterest.  I had to have it.  Even if it was only for a day and then to be sent off to it's forever home.  I kinda love her.  Yes.  Her. 

She's pretty, no?
So I packed her up, with a few other little goodies, and sent her on her way.

A week, or two, after I sent my mug off, I received this one, from my new blog friend, McCall.
She sent a sweet, little mug with a ton of goodies!
I love how classic and timeless the mug is, it's just right.
And how did she know I love anything peppermint?!

The icing on the cake was that I won the give-away that went along with this mug swap!
I don't win things, so this was such a shock.
And we were nearly out of coffee on a tight budget month - total blessing!
I can't start my day without a cup.  Or two.

Kim sent me all this goodness.

Hannah sent me two pairs of beautiful earrings.
You can get yourself a pair from her etsy shop.

Katy sent me this ridiculously fun print, I love it.
(You can check out all the goodness in her etsy shop here.)
When my husband saw it hanging by the coffee pot, I told him it should read, "I love you more than coffee (after the first cup)".
I was kidding.

And Lindsay sent me these beautiful, colorful coffee notecards (along with an obscene amount of other goodness).
She pretty much oozes talent - browse her etsy shop, you're sure to find something you love.


This mug swap was a ton of fun - I can't wait to participate again next year!
Thank so much, Kim, for hosting it!


  1. the poppy mug is to die for.
    where did you get it?

    and you are right, the simplicity of the white mug is awesome.
    it's not something i would have immediately picked, but i love LOVE LOVE them. definitely a winner.

    and speaking of winner. you seriously lucked out :) i'm so happy for your big win and all the loot you got to take home :)

    happy mug swap to you friend!

    1. I got the poppy mug from - it sold out, though! Such a bummer because I wanted one for myself, too :)

  2. So glad you participated and enjoyed. Yay for all kinds of mug swap happiness. :)

  3. Kims mug swap brought happiness to all the land.