Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Jersey

I'm finally getting around to posting pics from our New Jersey trip.  To find time in my day to load and edit pictures is a challenge.  And to be quite honest, it's far from the top of my daily to-do list.  Working on it a little bit here, and a little bit there got the job done, though.  So here we go.

Callan and I had a wonderful time spending the week with my parents, and getting to meet my niece for the very first time!  (She's 5 months old, now!  I can't believe it took that long to finally meet her.)  At 9 months old, Callan is at such a fun age and interacts with everyone he meets (and re-meets).  Instead of giving you a play by play of our trip, I'll just share pictures and let them speak for themselves.  (A few captions might help set the stage for you, though.)

{ my parents' house }

{ Callan and Erin meeting for the first time! }

{ Callan with Uncle Rich and cousin Erin }

{ proud Grandma and Grandpa }

{ I heart the Christmas Tree Shop }

{ Callan met his great grandpa [Papa] and great grandma [Mama] for the first time }

{ silly banana sticker }

{ lego Erin - I LOVE this picture }

{ "pew! pew! pew!  stinky feet!" }

{ the best we could get with two antsy babies }

{ Grandpa with his grandkids }


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