Monday, August 1, 2011

Saturday in the city

Over the weekend, we went down to OKC to take our iPhones to the Apple store, hit up Target, and enjoy a meal at Ted's Escondido.

Over the past few months, both of our iPhones have been having home button issues.  I could press the home button in excess of 100 times and it would do nothingExtremely frustrating.  Thankfully, the guy at the Apple store gave us each a new phone.  I cannot tell you how much this has changed my life.  That may be an exaggeration, but seriously.  What used to take me several minutes to do, now just takes me seconds, because the home button responds with just one touch.  Imagine that.

After the Apple store, we paid our respects to Target.  We stocked up on a few necessities, as well as a few not so necessary things, but that's just a Target thing.  I think everyone does that, right?

Then it was on to Ted's Escondido.  A wonderful Mexican restaurant down on May St. in OKC.  It's amazing.  The service is impeccable and the food is delicious.  As soon as you are seated at a table, they bring you fresh tortillas, chips, salsa, and queso.  

You could totally fill up on that stuff, but it's worth saving room for dinner and the complementary sopapilla.  

We'd eat there every day, if we could.  But then again, we'd probably look like the 500 lb. lady that sat at the table next to me...  {That was meant to be sarcastic, not offensive.}

What made this visit to Ted's even better, was that Callan slept through 95% of the meal.  It's so nice to eat a meal without a little one grabbing at your plate.  Can I get an AMEN?!  Haha...

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  1. we are no longer friends. ok? Why do you taunt a pregnant with such delicious pictures of food...not just any food but TEDS! FOR REAL?! I don't a future of seeing that place in the next yearish...NOT FAIR! humph.