Wednesday, September 7, 2011

new mailbox!

Do you remember this post?  Its where I introduced you to our lovely 1970s intercom system and super gold mailbox.  Remember this guy?

 Well, I can happily say that he went out with this week's trash.  The mailbox that my mom ordered for us as part of our house warming gift (from Pottery Barn) back in April (?) finally arrived last week.  It was on backorder.  Heavy duty backorder, apparently.  But she's here, and she's pretty, and she's up.  ("She", as in our mailbox - duh.  Because pretty mailboxes are girls, while gaudy, gold ones are boys.  That makes a ton of sense, right?  ha!) 

Anyways, here she is.

Isn't she lovely?!  I love her.  

Now to just figure out how to address where the old mailbox used to be, and the intercom speaker.  That block of wood hides a previously used mail slot that opens right into the house.

New outdoor lighting fixtures will come in time, along with a fresh look with paint, and a new front door.  But that stuff takes money.  We're working on "free" projects first.  Hopefully by the end of next Spring the exterior will look worlds different.  I've got my vision, and I'm in love with it.  :)

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