Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Let's pretend it's 1974.  You walk up to our house.

You push the intercom button to announce your arrival.  And you think to yourself..."An intercom.  How high tech!"

And notice our terribly ugly, gold mailbox.  Well, if it was 1974, you'd probably think it was pretty groovy.

 From the {now disconnected} command central in the living room, I tell you "I'll be right there" or "C'mon in!"  But thank goodness it's not 1974 anymore...because this whole technological wonder is going bye-bye.  (So is that mailbox.)

And now we're left with a big 'ol hole in the wall.

Every room has a "call box", so to speak.  Er, had...because since these pictures were taken they have all been removed and now we're left with gaping holes in the guestroom...

  ...and Callan's room...

 ...and the master bedroom...

We have some hole patching to do! 


  1. We have the exact same thing in our house!! The intercom boxes are identical. My husband isn't very "handy", so we haven't ever removed them. I want to take all mine out now like you did!

  2. Ha My Parents installed an intercom system in our house when they built in 1991. It was pretty much useless but they'd probably never admit it. Never used it once when people came over. Occasionally would get yelled at by my mom through it (from downstairs to upstairs) but could have heard her without it! :)

  3. Hahaha!!! This post cracked me up. Do you already have a mailbox in mind?

  4. LOL! This was too funny!