Monday, April 11, 2011

weekend in pictures

 This weekend was beautiful.  Warm and sunny.

On Saturday, we took a quick trip down to OKC to pick up a part for Travis' motorcycle.  I told Travis that if we made the trip, we had to stop in at Habitat for Humanity's REstore (which ended up being mostly a bust).   The best part of our trip?  On our way from the motorcycle dealership to REstore, we spotted a Dunkin' Donuts!  We had NO CLUE that OK had DD, I practically fell out of my seat when I spotted it while driving down the road.  Just ask Travis.  I kind of have an obsession. 

Once we got back home, Travis spent a good part of the afternoon/evening out in the garage working on his bike.  Callan spent some time out there with him helping gnawing on his toys.

While Travis and Callan worked in the garage, I got some cutting in (primer) done in the dining room.  We made a pretty significant dent in our project list this weekend, too.  Good stuff.

 Callan and I hung out in the backyard for a little bit.  Guess who's starting to sit up on his own?!

I just love productive weekends.   And my little family.  <3


  1. Oh my, those are the sweetest pics :D

  2. you have such a precious family. love those last pictures of callan. :)

  3. He is so stinking cute. I love the "no shirt. no shoes." one. lol We went to the Restore here and it was a bust too. Over priced and tacky stuff. :) Yayy for a fun weekend.

  4. That baby boy is sooooo cute. He's gonna be your heart stealer. I've got one of those too. His name is Job. Big BIG blue eyes - yep - he's my boy!

    jdzjane at hotmail dot com