Thursday, April 14, 2011

flowers & fabric

 Aren't these flowers beautiful?

They're amazing.

I snipped a few to bring inside to enjoy.  They make me smile.  

I love that we have beautiful flowers sprouting up in our yard.  Happy surprises.  I can't wait for my two peony plants to bloom!

I recently finished this project.  All it is is words printed on fabric, and a few pieces of fabric sewn together and thrown into a frame.  It was more or less a test run to see if I could get my printer to print on fabric.  It was a success, so I plan on making another with more ideal fabrics.  But I'll keep this one up until I make it's replacement.  No rush.

Here's the other sewing project I was working on.  My grandmother has been making these for as long as I can remember.  I wanted to try my hand at it.  It's cute, right?  Not bad for my first attempt; certainly far from perfect, so don't look too closely.  My intention was to use it as hoop art, but... doesn't fit.  

With all that fabric on fabric on's too thick.  So now I'm on the look out for a frame or some other way to display it.  Ideas? 

Today's plan is to get started on painting this room.

 What a disaster.  And you'd think we have triplets with all those baby entertainers.  Ha!  Once the walls are painted, we'll finally be able to get the room put together.  Really looking forward to that moment.  This will be my last painting project before my in-laws arrive for their week long visit on Monday.  Lots to do before then! 


  1. i am jealous of your soon to bloom peony plants! those are my fav. your sewing project is very impressive! i could never tackle that. Bummer it doesn't fit in the frame...if i think of a good alternative I'll share it with ya.

  2. those flowers are so gorgeous!! we still have snow in UT!! boo! and wow i am so awed by your cute sewing projects--that is some talent!awesome!

  3. oh your flowers are amazing - just gorgeous!

  4. just a little jealous you have peony's. they are my FAVORITE FLOWER of all time. Please take pics when they bloom!

  5. How about a shadow box for your fabric project?

  6. you have some beautiful projects there. I love the elegance and simplicity (and message!) of your "great is thy faithfulness" print. too fun! you are one adventuresome woman before the monday visitors ;)