Friday, April 15, 2011

{ link love} & more

There's a lot going on in this post.  My in-laws will be here on Monday night, so you won't hear much from me next week.  I thought I'd throw it all at you now instead of scheduling posts for next week.  Makes life easier for me.  I'll probably share a few pictures of some freshly painted rooms on Monday, but that's about it.  

So here we go.

Our pantry door is now a chalkboard message board.  As I use something up from the pantry, I can write it on the outside of the door, reminding me to restock that item, or we can write little notes back and forth to one another, or...

The image I have in my head is this:  Callan, a couple years old...I'm making dinner, and he's sitting on the floor at that bottom chalkboard scribbling away.  So sweet.  The thought of it makes me smile.

While unpacking and organizing some of my craft stuff, I came across some random pieces of design projects that I did for classes a few years ago. Remnants from some of my favorite designs.

These are a few elevations from an in-home Interior Design office.

This was one of my favorite informal design projects.  If I was 7 years old, I'd love to have a playhouse just like this.  Heck, I'd like to have one like it now, at 31!  It could be my craft palace ;)
(Only there'd be less pink.)

A very time-consuming and demanding restaurant design.
Pure headache.

This is a watercolor perspective for a guest suite at a winery I designed.
One of my favorite projects.

 And of course a few pictures of our little man.
Because I can't get enough.

Oh, and a peek at the hoop I made for my lovely hoop swap partner.  (Hi L!)

And now from some Link Love!

Have you seen hoop art cuter than this?  <3

I have absolutely no need for invitations right now, but I LOVE these!!

Aren't these the cutest little paper flowers you've ever seen?

You will love this website - inspiration ga-lore!

I have always had a thing for Marshall and Lily's sofa  (I couldn't find a better picture...). How I Met Your Mother is one of my all time favorite shows.

I love her blog...and I really think I need to make one of these dolls.  I'll have to ask my 3.5 week old niece if she wants one. 

This necklace is totally cute. 

The concept of this bag/clutch is amazing!  Sooo want one.  I want one of these too. 

I really love this rug.  I wish I had an extra $400. Actually, an extra $20 would be nice too.  ;)

I want to sling this bag over my shoulder and take it home with me.

I adore this.  Could be a totally cute diy.  

Pintrest?  Love it.  

That's it for me.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  We'll be crazy busy getting ready for our first over-night guests since we moved into the house.  Exciting.  On our list is a little painting and a lot of cleaning and organizing.  

I'm out! 


  1. love your pantry door! i wish ours had a cut out like that i would totally paint it chalkboard!

    that invite is so cute, the rug i saw on pintrest and have been swooning ever since, the bag, clutch, and jones design blog.... i love them all
    good list FOR sure!!

    have fun with the cummings this weekend! :)

  2. HIMYM is one of my all time fav shows! Love the link party. That doll is so cute! I am loving your designs. You are so talented!

  3. I looove your chalkboard door :o)