Tuesday, April 12, 2011

short and sweet

Callan is having a really rough day.  In turn, so am I.  Frustration abounds.  I'm taking a much needed time out while an over-tired Callan screams in his swing.  Chocolate bar devoured.  Coffee consumed. I'm almost ready to jump back in.

Anyways.  Short and sweet post.

 I got the "dining room" painted!  Here's a peek.  More pics to come once I get the room cleaned up and put together.

{the wall color isn't completely true - color never translates perfectly on the computer screen}

Between painting projects and cleaning, I'm trying to sneak in a few crafts.  Here's a few that are in progress.  Who knows how long it will take me to finish them.  Probably until I clear a surface and get my sewing machine set up.  Or longer.  You know how it is.

The project that involves this wire basket doesn't require a sewing machine, but definitely some undivided attention.  I hope my vision turns out the way I'm hoping.  Fingers crossed. 

 Ok, I guess I'm ready to rescue my screaming child.  Is the day over yet?


  1. The dining room looks awesome! And I need. NEED. to know what this "great is they faithfulness" project is!

  2. Love the color on the walls and that print. Hope you guys both get a good nights rest.

  3. oooh--i had one of those days today:) yipes!can't wait to see more of your project chick! and loving your dining room~