Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wall art

I doubt you remember, but back in early December I created a "keep dreaming because it's never gonna happen" Christmas list.  Travis actually got me one of the items on that list!  And guess what?  It FINALLY got taken out of the box yesterday.  
Yes, yesterday. took me over 3 months to unpack it from the box it was shipped in.  But that's because it was waiting for the perfect wall space to call home.  Here it is - hung for the long haul.  It's the perfect wall for this artwork and the colors are just right for the new digs.  Loving it.

It took me, like, half an hour to hang, but it looks great.  Totally worth it.

{the top of the bookshelf has yet to be accessorized}

Today, so far, has been better than yesterday.  Callan hasn't been nearly as needy, and he's napping much better.  Happy baby, happy mom.  I've even been able to make a little progress on those two sewing projects that I gave you a peek at yesterday, as well as a mini painting project.  Hoping to share one, or two, of them with you tomorrow!


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