Monday, April 18, 2011

buh-bye red { 2 of 3 }

 We enjoyed our first meal as a little family at the dining table in the DINING ROOM over the weekend. 

Callan sat with us, in his highchair.  He enjoyed gnawing on the shoulder straps as we chowed down on pasta with spinach and sausage, and salad.  The chair seemed to swallow him up, but he'll fit into it soon enough - he's getting so big so fast!

This morning, we enjoyed a sinfully delish breakfast of biscuits and chocolate gravy in the dining room.  We're slowly but surely moving away from eating every meal at the coffee table.

Yeah, we're growing up. 

So our original plan was to make the designated dining room into my craft room.  But after a bit of thinking and realizing, "hey, Callan's going to be eating solid foods soon...maybe we shouldn't introduce him to pureed bananas and sweet potatoes over carpet (although it's already badly stained)".  So we made the switch.  And I have to say, I love it.  

It's quite cozy.  Like a big sunshiny hug.


Ok, so maybe the rug is a bit undersized, the curtains are temporary until I can buy the ones I have my eye on, the built-in is waiting on a fresh coat of paint to liven it up, the chandelier needs updating, and the walls need some artwork...but hey, I'm loving the upgrade from before.  So I won't knit-pick.  (Wait, I think I just did...)

So much better, right?

Buh-bye RED!

Over the weekend, I finished painting the front of the living room.  It was a mess when I snapped pictures of it earlier, so all you get, right now, is a peek at the wall color and the curtains. 

My in-laws are in the car on their way to our house as I type this.  They flew from Fresno to OKC to spend a week with us and to enjoy some quality time with Callan.  So, I'm out for the week.  I'll be back next week to share any progress around the house and pictures from our visit together.  

Hope your week is lovely!  Later gators!

PS - read more about how we're saying adios to red in our new house in buh-bye red {1 of 3}


  1. I LOVE the picture below the word (squeeze)!!! You artistic touch is inspiring. I like the curtains! I bet Faith would like them to. Some of Zoe's baby stuff is in black, white, and yellow!

  2. I love it. I want to marry it.
    My dining room ended up being the color of baby poop. Can I have this one?
    The picture of the biscuits with chocolate gravy... sigh... beautiful :)

  3. looks fab girly! love the blue chairs:) and i really want that bicuit!! yum!!