Friday, April 1, 2011

dinner and a movie

Last night was a fun little family night.  We made a Walmart (grocery) run and then stopped off to pick up some wings.  We headed home for dinner and a movie.  Have you seen Tangled?  Really cute.  I laughed out loud, I held back tears, I watched Callan watch his first Disney movie.   {BIG smile}

 When the movie was over, Travis ran the movie back to Hastings {less than 3 minutes away} while Callan and I sat out on the front patio - it was a picture perfect evening.

 Oh, and just because boys will be boys.

 Happy Friday!


  1. I have heard Tangled id adorable and have been dying to see it. Sounds like a perfect Friday night :o)

  2. Kyle and I went on a date to see Tangled. I laughed SOOOO hard!