Thursday, March 31, 2011


 So yesterday afternoon, my husband bought one of these.

While Travis went into the dealership to handle the paperwork, Callan and I waited in the car for a bit so he could eat, and then blow a few bubbles. 
{Make sure your volume is up a bit so you can hear the video.}

 Travis had a chilly ride home {48ish degrees}, but how he loved that ride home on his very own motorcycle.  After hearing about nothing but motorcycles {and helmets and jackets...} for several weeks now, it's nice to have the chatter stop and just see the smile on his face when he looks at his new bike.  He deserves it.  He works so hard to provide for our family.  I am so grateful.  
 {But my feelings are still mixed on him riding a motorcycle in the first place.}

Getting home at nearly 8 pm, I had nothing prepared for dinner.  So I used some very ripe bananas {that I was hoping to make some banana bread with, but they were too far gone, so I used what I could salvage} to make banana {chocolate chip} pancakes and we pretended like it was the weekend... {roughly quoted from Jack Johnson's "banana pancakes"}

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  1. my hubby is working on his motorcycle (a 74 harley) in hopes to ride it this summer. i love that he loves it even if i don't really love it. i do however love me some banana chocolate chip pancakes. good call on those!