Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a mess, a baby, and bananas

Yesterday I had nothing.  Today I don't have much more.  I still have a mess.  I got a few small projects done today.  And by small, I mean painting a blank switch plate, washing a few dishes, 2 loads of laundry, and putting a piece of fabric into an embroidery hoop.  Woo to the hoo.  

Here's what my dining and craft rooms are looking like right now...

 Our little guy turned 20 weeks old yesterday!  Five months is right around the corner...he's getting big so fast!  It's fun watching him learn all that he's able to do.  Right now, his two favorite things are putting things in his mouth, particularly his toes {and hands}, and blowing bubbles in a raspberry-motorboat fashion.  It really is too cute.

Oh, and I have bananas that need to make their way into banana bread, like asap.  Maybe tomorrow?


  1. your son is adorable! don't fret the mess, it's impossible to avoid when you move into a new place but it is so frustrating, I know the feeling.
    oh, i freeze my over-ripe bananas if i don't have time to make banana bread right away. works like a charm!

  2. Awh, thanks Kirsten! Thanks for the tip - if I don't get around to making the bread tomorrow, I'm going to toss the bananas in the freezer!

  3. Your little one is seriously too stinking adorable! Love the pic with his little baby foot in his mouth :D

    I can so relate to the mess today. My craft/junk room is a nightmare. I just don't even want to deal with cleaning it up yet. Ugh.

    So, you said you were intimitated to make a slip cover. DON'T BE! Use the painter's drop cloth, like I did, and if the project farts and fails (which it won't) you won't be out a bunch of cash or designer fabric. I was intimiated at first too, but once you start in it really is pretty smooth.

  4. k--your lil mister is so stinkin cute! my lil nora is coming up on 5 months too--where does the time go? don't worry chick-- i have got me some messes around these parts too!