Monday, March 21, 2011

anniversary weekend

I love weekends.  This one was particularly wonderful because, yesterday, my hubby and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.  We (I) slept in, went antiquing, spent some time at Lowe's, and worked on a few projects around the house.  It was a great weekend of time together as a family.  <3

So here's what we've been working on lately... (now that my ridiculously involved painting project is done.)

I started painting the hallway.  By mid-week all of that crazy lemon meringue yellow should be long gone.  

We also changed out the window covering on the door that leads to the sunroom.  Adios, lame paper blind "hemmed" with chip-clips.

We pulled a few weeds, tilled some lovely, rich soil in preparation of planting a few fruit and veggie plants we picked up over the weekend.  Here's hoping we don't black thumb our little soon-to-be-garden.

Oh, and I also made a batch of these over-indulgent cookies I've seen floating around blogland.  I can honestly say they were a bit much (but still yummy) - and this coming from a girl that loves her sweets.

And of course we spent many a precious moments with our favorite little guy.  

 I'll be sharing some of our progress over the next few days as we wrap up the projects we started over the weekend.  Now that Callan is down for a nap - I'm off to do some more painting.  Enjoy your day!

{PS - need a smile?  Click PLAY on the video below.  Smile guaranteed.} :)

(note: random youtube video that was shared with me and I wanted to share it with you.)


  1. your dates sound like my husband and i's dates! we seem to always end up at lowes. i saw that video and died. hilarious!

  2. I'm so excited to see all the other creative things you'll be doing! May I live vicariously through you for a while as I'm chained to the sofa? :) The video is HILARIOUS and ADORABLE!!!!!!! I had to LOL.