Wednesday, March 9, 2011

seeing red

 Aside from the front door...

...and the flooring...

 ...the kitchen is one of the biggest eye sores in the house.  Not only did the previous owners paint the main wall in the living room and the formal dining room red, they painted every cupboard in the kitchen the same ugly not my cup of tea red.  The red walls are at the top of the list of walls to get painted - I can't wait to see them go.  I could potentially live with the kitchen cabinets for a while (since it's such a big project to refinish them) if the paint job was of quality;  but it's not.  In fact it's terrible.  Inside and out.  See for yourself.


They honestly leave me speechless.  Needless to say, these cabinets will be redone PROPERLY before the summer is over.  I can't wait to say buh-bye to the red.  Every last stitch of it.  Tackling kitchen cabinets is a huge project, so I'll probably need a few weekends to sand, sand, sand, prime, and paint.

  In the meantime, we'll be painting walls, doors, molding, the fireplace, floors, name it, we'll be painting it.  Speaking of...what am I still doing here?  Off to find my paintbrush...

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  1. Oh no! That is bad red. love your new fonts. How did you change them. I can never figure it out.