Thursday, March 3, 2011

handmade with love

The past few days have been madness.  But we got our cable and internet set up today, so I'm happy to be back online!  We are about 98 percent moved in to our house!  When I say moved in, I mean the majority of our stuff has been shuttled from the condo to the house.  We have boxes and furniture piled throughout the house - the house needs a major cleaning before I will put anything away.  (The previous owners kinda left the place a bit grimy.)  So, it's slow going over here, but I'll get a house tour up, hopefully, by the weekend!
While I hunt for the cable to be able to get my pictures from camera to computer, here's a little post to read in the meantime.

A few weeks ago, Callan and I traveled to NJ for my sister's baby shower, and I realized that I never shared with you the little handmade gifts that I made for my sister and niece.  Let me just tell you, I had so much fun making things for a little girl! 

The "big gift" was the quilt I made using a Moda "sugar pop" charm pack, like this one here.  A few of the extras were two covered travel wipe cases and a onesie with a "litttle chick" on it - because, well, my niece will be (will be - because she hasn't been born yet - duh!) a little chick.  :)  To make the onesie, I made a pattern, and used a little extra fabric left over from the quilt, and some heat n bond.  I think it turned out pretty stinkin' cute.  Here is the pattern I made and used.  That's right.  I play well with others; I share. (Although I couldn't figure out how to link the pdf file - if you know how to do that, please share!)

Here's a picture I had snapped as I was working on it a few months ago.

While I was at it making this onesie for my niece, I made an equally cute onesie for my little guy.  My grandfather was a very special man.  My grandmother lovingly gave me his neck ties (I asked if I could have them).  I have a few ideas up my sleeve on how to creatively reuse these - one, being this onesie.  Callan wore it to my sister's baby shower to honor his great grandpa.  Everyone loved it and smiled as he wore it, remembering grandpa.

He looked pretty cute, huh?

Here's my little, now, 16 weeker proudly wearing his great grandpa's tie.  He has changed so much in just a few short weeks.  What a cute little chubber.  Just look at those wrist rolls!

Hope you're having a fabulous week!


  1. I loved this update! Callen in the last photos is SO cute!!!

  2. Adorable!! the cute onesie, and the little guy:) happy weekend girly!