Monday, February 28, 2011

low-key weekend, high-key week

This weekend was pretty low-key, but busy!  We close on our house today (YAY!), so we spent a lot of the weekend packing, organizing, and spending a few last minute memorable moments together in our first home in Oklahoma.  Bittersweet.  Right now, our little condo is a disaster.  Stuff is e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

{I'm a bit embarrassed to even show you these pictures, but I'm packing - so it should look something like this, right?  ;)}

See?  Total chaos.  But it comes with the territory and only last so long.
This weekend had a few highlights.  Travis ran over to Sears and picked up this little Devil Bissell.  It works wonders.  There were a few spots on the carpet that needed cleaning before handing in our keys to the apartment on Friday, and this thing really stepped up to the plate.  The best thing about it?


 Travis loves to use it!  Ha!  I'm not kidding either.  He was all about going around the apartment looking for stains, even leftover stains from the previous tenants.  Love it.  Guess who will be going around spot cleaning the carpet in the house once we move in (if need be)?  You betchya!

{don't mind the mess of stuff lined up on the bench - it's all items that have been piling up to be donated}

Last night we hopped in the car around 9 pm to do a drive-by.  (And to lull a very fussy Callan to sleep.  At least that was our excuse.)  Yes, we are stalkers.  We've driven by "our house", like, half a dozen times over the past few days.  It is OUR house, after all, right?  And guess what we saw for the first time as we drove by?  A big ol' SOLD on the realty sign out front.  OH YEA.  We practically high-fived each other as we not so discretely U-turned just to see that sweet four letter word one more time.  We even entertained the idea of hopping out of the car to take a picture - but we'll wait for daylight...and for the sellers to not still be inside working on last minute packing.  But we're not excited.  I promise.  ;)

Oh, and how about a humble brag.  (You saw the most recent episode of NCIS LA, didn't you?)  Anyways, last night as I scrolled through my blog reading list, I noticed that I was featured on Blessed Little Nest.  That's right me and my tiny little, 9 followers (now 13!!) blog.  I was stunned and honored...and found myself grinning from ear to ear as I read Heather's kind words about my wonky little felt house project.  Totally made my night and I went to bed feeling pretty darn happy.  :)

Today is going to be quite busy.  We have our final walk-through at the house, and then we'll be heading over to the realtor's office to sign the last of the paperwork.  (Woo!)  Once we get the keys, we have plans to clean the house to our my standards, and hopefully get a few existing red walls primed, as well as move as many boxes from apartment to house in our two cars as we can.  Those are some pretty high expectations with a three and a half month old, so we'll see what actually gets done.

I hope your Monday is as productive as I'm praying ours is!  Off to become a homeowner!  Woooo!!!

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  1. wahoo for your the shout out! that house is stinkin cute! moving is the pits, but so fun that you are moving into you will be homeowners! fab!