Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday to Thursday

My flight got canceled.  I was supposed to leave NJ on Tuesday night, but I'm still here.  Enid got 14+ inches of snow between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, so I guess they had good reason to cancel my flight, but I'm ready for our little family of 3 to be back together again.  We miss Travis terribly.  We got rescheduled for the direct flight that leaves tonight.  Here's hoping that this flight doesn't get canceled now!  My boarding passes are printed and the flight status is still "scheduled", so things are looking "so far, so good". 


(Please don't mind the many iPhone pictures; I opted to leave the DSLR at home for a lighter traveling load.)

We left OKC last Thursday morning, bright and early.  This was Callan's first airplane ride; he was so good during the flight.  He slept during take off, for a few hours, woke up and ate a little, then slept until we were ready to get off the plane at the gate in Newark.  HUGE blessing.  I'm praying the flight home goes as smoothly!

Callan and I have enjoyed a lot of family time during our visit.  The main purpose of our visit was to attend my sister's baby shower.  Callan got to meet some family for the first time.  We enjoyed celebrating the upcoming arrival of my niece.  A wonderful time of family, food, and fellowship.  We can't wait to meet little Erin Joy come March!

Callan "watched" his first Super Bowl here in NJ.  You should have seen him when Green Bay scored a touchdown - he looked a little something like this.  Kidding!  We enjoyed a quiet Super Bowl evening with my parents; just hanging out watching the game and eating a few tasty treats. 

My dad adores Callan.  I love watching them interact - it warms my heart :) 

On February 8, Callan turned three months old!  I can't believe it's been three months already...but I also feel like he's always been here.  You know the feeling.  He is the perfect little addition to our family - it feels like he's been here forever because the fit is just so right.  Callan is such a blessing, and such a character already!

Since we got a few extra days here, we took a trip down to my grandma's house on Staten Island for a few hours on Tuesday.  This is what happens when you bring a baby around grandmas...

We had a lovely "ladies lunch" of waffles with fruit and little whipped cream, followed by grandma's cookies, of course and lots of baby watching.  But it was sad walking into my grandma's house and not seeing my grandpa in his chair.  No big squeeze after getting in the house, no asking how the traffic was, no quiet smiles as he listens to the ladies chatter.  We reminisced over pictures.  We fondly remembered together.  It was good to see my grandma doing so well.  She is one strong lady, fully relying on God for provisions of peace.  My heart hurts and rejoices with hers.

While visiting, we had to send Travis a few pictures.  We didn't want him to forget our faces!

If you're wondering if we hit up NYC when we visit NJ (since the GWB is only about 15-20 minutes from my parents' house), the answer is a resounding NO.  I paid my dues to that city in my rebellious years; now I stay as far away as possible.  The people.  The traffic.  The filth.  I'm just not interested.  It may be a city that you long/love to visit, but it's just not my cup of coffee tea.  This is the closest I've gotten to NYC in the past years.  And I'm perfectly okay with that. 

Whenver I come to visit my parents, there are a few food items that are a must-eat while I'm here.  A REAL bagel from Celebrity Bagels in Tenafly, Dunkin' Donuts - large coffee, light & sweet (and a donut), true NY style pizza, and a visit to the Fireplace in Paramus for a tasty burger and fries. 

We had a wonderful visit, despite missing Travis.  My parents got a week long of desired Callan time, my sister, Callan, and I got some quality hang out time, and I got to just be a mom this past week.  No dishes, no cleaning, just taking care of Callan (and a load or two of laundry). 

(Thanks, Mom and Dad!) 

We look forward to being reunited with Travis tonight amid the 14+ inches of snow and below zero temperatues.  At least we'll have "our love to keep us warm".


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  1. This visit looks great. Glad you have had so much fun with family. I am now craving pizza, a doughnut, and some coffee. lol Fingers crossed your flight home will be just as easy as your one in.