Tuesday, February 22, 2011

changing the sheets

 Monday is bed linen and towel washing day at our place.  What does sheet washing day look like at your place?  It looks a lot like this at mine...

Callan lies on the bed (don't worry, he's not rolling over just yet...but he's getting close!) and Ellie joins him, with her penguin, while I quickly toss the sheets in the wash.

While the sheets are washing, and the blanket is waiting it's turn, Ellie snuggles up.  Spoiled little mutt.

What's better than sliding into clean sheets after a long day?  Not a whole lot.  Yum!


  1. nothing better than climbing in to some new fresh sheets! and i love your quilt--is that beauty from target? i am such a sucker for yellow and grey:)

  2. It's the best! What a cute puppy.

  3. Sharstin, it IS the quilt from Target! I couldn't resist - I'm a sucker for yellow and gray too :)

    Thanks, Tamara - and she's a good little pup. Most of the time ;)