Wednesday, February 23, 2011

{inspired by charm}

A while ago I stumbled upon Michael's blog, "inspired by charm".  He is an incredibly creative and talented individual, not to mention inspiring.  I just love seeing an update from him in my reading list.  He's been working on collecting fabric from his readers over the past few months to put together his very first quilt.  I know how difficult and expensive it can get trying to gather enough fabric for a quilt, especially if you want every square to be unique.  I think his idea to ask his readers for help was pure genius.  Who doesn't have fabric scraps laying around anyways?  So many people have contributed, including myself, and he's well on his way to having enough squares for what is sure to be an original beauty.  

Check out Michael's latest post where, if you scroll down to the very end, you can see the fabric I sent him!  I'm so happy he likes the "scraps" that I sent his way.  Is it weird to be so excited for someone else's project progress?  Nah...  Seriously, though.  I can't wait to see his quilt finished in all it's glory.


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