Friday, February 25, 2011

bows and flowers

 Who doesn't love bows and flowers?  Especially handmade ones.  The other day I tried my hand at these little beauties.  The bow is made from a magazine page and the bow, from some fabric I had laying around.  Don't mind the purple marker of the flower edges - it has since faded (air/water soluble marker).  They turned out cute, right?  I'm not quite sure what to do with my new bow making ability, but come Christmas time, I'm sure I'll revisit this skill.  As for the flower - I'm so in love.  I've already made a few more and have a project underway.  (You'll probably see it on here sometime next week.)

To make these fun little adornments, I followed this tutorial for the bow, and this one for the flower.  You know you want to go make some of your own.  Like, now.

We'll be spending the majority of our weekend packing.  We close on the house on Monday!  The moving truck is rented for Tuesday - exciting stuff!  Hope your weekend is full of fun (and maybe a few bows and flowers)!


  1. those bows came out really cute!

    you should make a necklace out of the flower to the right--my friend made a bunch of mini flowers like it and put it on a necklace and it looks so amazing!

  2. hey you lovely winner, you!

    please email heather at
    so you can claim your prize! xoxo