Thursday, February 24, 2011

a little bit of ruffle

I've had fabric sitting around for months just waiting for me to get my hands on it to use it for something beautiful.  Pillows.  That was the plan.  Over the weekend, I had a little free time while Callan napped and Travis graciously took on baby doodie duty, so I got to sewing.

I haven't made throw pillows in quite some time, so I referenced this tutorial, and this one, to gain some confidence and general understanding of constructing ruffles and an envelope opening.  I used $4/yard fabric and more of the antique linen fabric (tablecloth) that my grandmother had passed down to me.  (You can see how I used more of this antique linen in this post.)  My grandma never intended for me to use the antique linens as actual table linens, but to reuse them creatively.  I love that I was able to incorporate something of my great grandmother's in a creative way into my home.

Here's what I love about the pillows (aside from the way they look):

1   I was able to incorporate my great grandmother's table linens.

2   The contrast between the dark, masculine leather sofa and the soft, femininity of the pillows

3   My husband is man enough to let me have ruffle pillows in the living room.  
Props, babe.  Props.

I love all three of the pillows that I made over the weekend, but my heart totally skips a beat for those striped ruffle pillows. 

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  1. oh i am loving these little ruffled numbers! they look great chick~