Tuesday, March 8, 2011

makin' (much needed) changes

We got the keys to the house a week ago yesterday.  We started moving in that night and started on projects around here just as quickly.  The night we moved in, Travis pulled out the old (and quite grimy) dishwasher, and I started on cutting in the overbearing red wall in the living room with primer. 

Adios red wall!

Last Tuesday we loaded the rented U-haul and moved all of the big stuff over to the house, as well as picked up the brand spankin' new fridge and dishwasher.  You should have seen Travis and myself unloading that thing out of the truck.  Ridiculous.  I was praying the entire time that we didn't damage it.  Thankfully, we got it in the house with minimal damage to doorways.  Ha!

It's so pretty.  It even has that new fridge smell.

After we got the fridge installed and we recovered from the drama, Travis set out to install the dishwasher.  Another headache.  But it's in, it works, and it doesn't leak.  At least not anymore.  

We also got the washer and dryer hooked up...

...and a new energy efficient thermostat installed. 

Since then, paint has started going up on the walls and we've made a few other small changes, but the place is still a mess.  Our project list is loooooong...so crossing things of the list feels pretty darn good.



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