Friday, March 11, 2011

linking up with {link love}

I'm linking up this week with Kiwi Freckles!  Cherish began {link love} a few weeks ago and it has totally caught on.  Such a fun idea!

If you shop at Target, you know this pillow... this tutorial is fantastic if you love the pillow but are on a budget (or want a different color scheme).  As if my project list isn't long enough, I'm adding this pillow to it. 

Now that we're going to be staying put for a while, I totally want need one of these!

I'm convinced my little guy needs one of these.  Adding it to the list.

I'm totally digging this wallpaper, and this one too.  Amy Butler is fantastic.

I love this site for fabric.  I'm spying some cute possibilities for a cafe curtain to dress the window over our kitchen sink and sunroom door.  (Is there anything worse than a naked window at night?  It's totally creepy!  I'm needing to dress my bare naked ladies windows asap.)

How lovely is this spring wreath?! 

There's nothing like a full ceiling mobile for a baby nursery.  Such a fun idea!

Who doesn't love a little Anthropologie?  I'm completely crushing on this this sofa and this accent chair.  Oh, and this console, too.  Santa, you don't shop on a budget, do ya?

This link isn't pretty or inspiring, but certainly bookmark worthy if planning a renovation!  A great alternative (and way cheaper option) to the conventional dumpster.

This is such a cute, textural pendant - can totally be a diy project at a fraction of the cost.

Have you seen her new show?  You should check it out.  She's GOOD at what she does.

This table is crazy cool, but the price tag - eek!

That's it for me today!  I'm off to work on a painting project - my newest labor of love.  I'm hoping to share it with you before next week is over!  Hmm.  Better get my butt in gear.  

Hope your weekend is fab {and spring-like}!


  1. Thanks a million for linking that pillow tutorial!!

  2. i have to try that pillow tutorial, i have been wanting that pillow since the day it came to Target. love the skinny ties! soo cute. glad you linked up this week. can't wait to see more of your house projects! :) i know you & because of that i know its gonna look great! :)

  3. Ummm so what do I not LOVE about your links this week? Nothing....I love them all, the spring wreath, the address stamp, the pillow.... love love LOVE LOVE your links. Come check out mine (they aren't nearly as cool as yours)!