Monday, April 4, 2011

happy heart

I knew this past weekend was going to be a good one when I walked around to the side of the house on Friday evening and discovered a lilac bush starting to bloom!  I LOVE lilacs.  Best surprise.  I had no idea it was there!  I can't wait to bring some fresh cut lilacs into the house in a few weeks.


We ended up having quite the productive weekend!  We got our little garden planted.   3 tomato plants (one in a topsy turvy), 2 pepper plants, 1 zucchini plant, 1 green bean plant, and 4 strawberry plants (in a free-standing pot).  We also have some basil and parsley to plant, but we need to grab another bag of potting soil before we can do that.

We enjoyed some time outside this weekend BBQing and just enjoying the sunshine.
{It was 90 degrees on Sunday!}

{those hands...always in his mouth}
Everything we ate this weekend seemed weather appropriate.  Saturday: waffles for breakfast {beautiful, breezy morning}, egg salad sandwiches with a heaping side of clementines for lunch {breezy, warm, sunshiny afternoon}, and BBQ'ed burgers for dinner {breezy, warm, absolutely delightful evening}.  The whole weekend was breezy, but last night was downright WINDY!  Crazy, howling wind.

{Saturday night BBQ - first BBQ of the season!}

So here's what we got done around here this weekend, aside from planting the garden...

*cleaned out the vanity in our bathroom and got all the random bathroom items put away that were piled up on the floor of our bedroom 

*switched out the mirror in our bathroom

*took down all the hardware that was left behind by the previous owners in Callan's room, knocked any anchors into the wall, took down the saloon style doors {that's right, I said saloon} that were in the closet doorway.  (His room is almost ready for primer and paint.  Yay!)

*took the 1970s intercoms out of each bedroom, and the living room {we have yet to patch the holes massive voids left behind}

*cleaned all the piled up stuff out of the dining room

*cleaned and caulked the wainscoting in the dining room

I'm feeling really good about the progress we made.  However, I'm not feeling so good about this: 

This is what the walls in our dining room look like.  Notice the unevenness?  Every wall in the dining room is like this.  I call it "relief work".  You know, like those maps/globes we all had in our grade school could run your finger over it and feel the mountain ranges and all that good stuff.  Anyways, I don't know how to fix it.  Or do I even bother?  Help me!  What would you do and how?  Skim coating crossed my mind - not sure if that's the right fix though.  Thoughts?

So that was our weekend.  It was a wonderful time of loving on our home {which needs lots of love} and truly enjoying every moment together.  Weekends like this one make my heart smile.


  1. hi! i saw your link on heather's blog today. (my blog's linked up under "cake & cotton") i'm super jealous you already have your veggie garden planted! AND the lilac bush!! so awesome. i can practically smell it. your little baby is precious too...i miss that size of a little guy eating slobbery hands all day. having a happy heart is indeed something very lovely :)

  2. what a fantastic, productive, and yummy weekend!

  3. Wow what a productive weekend. I love your little garden. That's probably why I want a house most. So I can have a yard and a garden.
    I got my fabric in the mail today! I love, love, love it! Gosh I can't wait to use it..I just have to decided what I most want to use it for. Be on the lookout for a little thank you note :o)

  4. you babe is too cute!

    what a great productive weekend! we are also doing lots of renovations to our home...tough work, but so worth it in the end!!

  5. there's something pretty great about working on your home with your hubby. building your nest together. lovely!

  6. wow CUTE blog first of all. and those pictures are great!, your baby is ahh-doarble, and you are just plain lovely!

    Come read about my Lovely Little Rants ♥