Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{ hoop swap }

Who doesn't love happy mail?  One perk of participating in a swap hosted by a fellow blogger is that you get happy mail.  Another perk?  You get something totally cute!  Heather, over at "Life Made Lovely", hosted a hoop swap.  Fun, right?!  I was paired up with Lisa from "2Surrender & Serve" and was so glad I was!  Lisa is fun and incredibly thoughtful - I had a blast e-mailing her back and forth.  

Here's what she created for me..

Isn't it adorable?!

 Lisa even took the time to make a little hoop for Callan.  How sweet is she?!  I'll definitely find a place for it in his room once we get it painted and start adding art to the walls.

Lisa even sent me some left over fabric from her creative process.  So now I've got a few extra fabric squares to get creative with.  Thanks, Lisa!

This swap was so fun and I'm so glad I participated.  I just hope Lisa likes the hoop I created for her! 

{biting nails...)


  1. Hey little lady, awww thank you for this post!
    Soooo glad you enjoyed your "happy mail!"

    I have been checking the P.O.Box every day in anticipation of MY happy mail & will let you know when it arrives!

    Now, stop biting your nails & go paint a wall or 2 or 3!!! HA :)

  2. How fun! I love hoops and am in the process of making one too. I need to get out of my rut and start back blogging! Loved seeing this, can't wait to see the one you made. :)

  3. L~ I'm bummed you haven't gotten yours yet! The other two packages that I mailed out the same day already made it to their destinations...hmm. Tomorrow? Yes, ma'am - off to paint! ;)

  4. i am lovin these hoops! and how fun!! i have to get in on this action next time:)

  5. so beautiful!! She was so generous too -- I have those same fabric squares! haha :) I love the little ducky too - adorable!


  6. This was fun! The hoop you received is wonderful. And the one for your little Callan, such a sweet thought!
    Have a happy weekend!

  7. how sweet is lisa to send all those extra goodies?! and the hoops are so stinking cute. i'm glad you guys enjoyed the swap. i'm so glad you participated!!