Friday, December 3, 2010

my "keep dreaming beacause it's never gonna happen" Christmas list

I received the new Sur la table holiday catalog in the mail the other day.  I thought it'd be fun to flip through and make a "keep dreaming because it's never gonna happen" Christmas list.  Why not keep the dream alive, if even for a moment, by adding pricey favorites from Pottery Barn's Christmas catalog and Ballard Design's. 

At a mere $1,269.95 these pots and pans would be a lovely addition to my kitchen.

all-clad copper-core 10 piece set

I love how visual this coffee maker is - and at $279.00, I'm thinking we need two. ;)

This knife set is a steal at $599.95 - an $839.00 value!

Shun Premier 7-Piece Set

This console table would be perfect for our entry-way.  (Ballard Designs $449)

tambrooke console

This set of 9 patchwork prints would look so nice on our living room wall - over the sofa (Ballard Designs $169).  The colors are spot on with the rest of the decor. 

patchwork prints - set of 9

I love the rustic appeal of this coffee table.  Chunky.  How I like my furniture - not my post-baby mid-section. (Pottery Barn $499)

Shasta reclaimed coffee table

I love this iron gate - definitely an eye-catcher.  (Pottery Barn $249)

iron gate wall candlelight

If we had a dining room - these would be a whimsy, graphic addition to an empty wall.  (Pottery Barn $279)

fork & spoon stretched canvas, set of 2

I've always loved the Manhattan Chair from Pottery Barn.  The lines are fairly clean, yet it's cozy.  A broken in, worn leather chair always screams comfort.  Plus, Travis wants a recliner for the living room.  You can get us a pair, if you'd like.  (ha!)  (Pottery Barn $1,799)

manhattan leather recliner

So, if you're stumped on what to get me for Christmas, any of the items will do.  In the meantime, I'll just keep bugging good 'ol Saint Nick. 


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